Are you searching for “desserts near me” to satisfy your sweet tooth? Here at Pastry is Art, we tell you about our oreo truffles because they are truly to die for! These truffles are the only dessert that you need to truly fulfill your chocolate cravings, and the best part is, they are only a few ingredients. We understand that not everyone wants to spend a fortune just to make or eat their favorite desserts whenever they need a fix. That is why we tell you about this simple and cheap dessert. These truffles are great for guests to share at a get-together, to give to your significant other on valentine’s day, or just to eat yourself. They will leave you satisfied, and you can indulge in them guilt-free since they are cheap and you will only be eating a few ingredients. Desserts with only a few ingredients are usually more health-conscious because you can see exactly what is going into them, and you can even substitute ingredients if you want to. Our team in Miami truly knows the best desserts around.


Instructions For Oreo Truffles

You are probably wondering how you can make these delicious truffles and what goes into them. There is no need to search for “desserts near me” when you can make these ones for a low cost and a satisfying taste. First, you have to make the filling for the Oreos by mixing cream, chocolate, and salt in a food processor. Second, simply roll the filling into small balls and carefully put them on a baking sheet with parchment paper so they can chill for thirty minutes in the refrigerator. Third, while the filling is chilling, you can make the coating for the truffles. All you have to do is melt chocolate in the microwave. Last, take the balls out of the refrigerator and dip them in the filling. You can add a finishing touch of rose hips on top of them or anything else you might want on them for some extra flavor. You can rest assured that your sweet tooth will be fully satisfied with this quick and easy recipe. There is no dessert that is cheaper and more fulfilling. 


More Desserts By Us 

Even though we swear by our truffle recipe for chocolate lovers, we have other recipes that are cheap and only a few ingredients. Here are some more of our desserts that you might want to try out: 

  • Nutella fudge 
  • Salted pretzels with chocolate 
  • Chocolate cake for two in thirty minutes 
  • Peanut butter chocolate truffles 


Treat Yourself 

We are passionate about sharing our dessert recipes with you because we want you to treat yourself whenever you are craving something sweet and satisfying. There are ways to make your favorite tasty desserts at a low cost. Stop searching for “desserts near me” when you can make truffles with our recipe. 


Contact Us 

Pastry is Art are professionals who want you to know exactly how we make our Oreo truffles. We want you to be able to make your favorite desserts for a low price and a fulfilling taste. So make sure you contact us today in Miami for more dessert ideas from us. 

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