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Are you looking for high-end pastries that you can serve at an event, catering, or wholesale? Well, here at Pastry is Art, we tell you about our amazing designer cakes and the three locations where you can get them from. Anyone who lives in or near the Miami area is in luck because you can receive our delightful pastries from three different locations depending on how far away you live from them. We pride ourselves on our amazing pastries because they do not only look perfectly aesthetic, but they taste unreal as well. No matter what you need our pastries for, we can provide the best ones for your situation. We hope that you stop by or contact one of the locations we tell you about so you can experience the delight that comes with looking at and tasting our pastries. Knowing all of the locations we serve our pastries at will allow you to shop from the location that is most convenient for you. We have the best pastries in every location!

Where to find our Designer Cakes

You probably want to know more about our cakes and the information we offer for all of our locations. Here is everything you need to know about where our bakeries are located:

Keystone Plaza

We serve our phenomenal pastries at the Keystone Plaza! The contact information that you need to know about this location is the address itself, which is 12591 Biscayne Boulevard North Miami, Florida 33181. This location is open Monday through Saturday from seven o’clock in the morning to seven o’clock at night.


The Gulfstream is another location where you can taste our exceptional sweet treats. The address for this location is 601 silks run. Suite 1480 Hallandale 33009. This location is also open Monday through Saturday from seven o’clock in the morning to seven o’clock at night.

What we offer

All three of our locations are crucial to know about, considering what you can find inside all of the bakeries. We offer a wide variety of specialty desserts depending on what your goals are for the event or what you want to stuff your tummy with in general. We offer everything from specialty cakes, cupcakes, yummy dessert shots, cookies, cake pops, and any sort of seasonal or themed treats. We also offer gluten-free desserts for those who have allergies, so we truly have something for everyone. Even though they are simple desserts, you can rest assured that the three locations we tell you about offer the same creativity and effort that we put into every single dessert we make. Our strong passion for food comes with our passion for sharing creativity with both aesthetics and taste.

Why you should choose us

Desserts can truly add something to your event, no matter what the occasion is. With our desserts, you can be certain that your event will remain as special as it should be. We offer the same quality and creativity in our desserts at all three of our locations! You should choose us because we are the best in Miami!

Contact Us

Pastry is Art are pastry professionals who have three different locations, so you can see and taste our treats wherever is convenient for you. We are all around the Miami area, so make sure you call or visit us today in any of the three locations to see and taste our designer cakes and more!

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