Dessert shots, anyone? The pastry world just took these dessert shots up a notch with a combo of a seamless texture and drink into one round of sweetness. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or wish to impress your guests, you could never go wrong with a dessert shot. That’s not all; there are numerous flavors to choose from. Are you looking for dessert shots in Miami? Pastry Is Art has anything and everything you may wish for in your shot. Even grandma can’t just pass this one!


Occasions For Your Dessert Shots In Miami

Let’s face it, dessert shots are getting increasingly popular at an alarming rate, and can you blame anyone? These shots are ideal for any event, time, and day. Besides, they are taken like a fancy drink or scooped; you decide what works for you. But one thing’s for sure. These are the life of any occasion that you’d like to remain embedded in the memories of your friends and family. So, when should you consider dessert catering in Miami for your bundle of delectable shots?

  • Thanksgiving

If you’re searching for something that will accommodate your kids to your grandma, then these shots were made just for you. There are a whole lot of flavors to accommodate every taste bud, so no one is left out. You choose from a taste of brownie chocolate, cream, and butter layering to cookies.

  • Birthdays

Before getting your hands on the cake of the day, everyone may appreciate a tempting shooter for unforgettable moments on your entrance day. They should have rainbow sprinkles for an authentic birthday feel. They go down so easily, and you should consider getting an adequate amount. You don’t like disappointing your guests, do you? But for sure, you can’t get enough of these glasses. It’s the new definition of enticement.

  • Halloween

If October 31st sounds like a D-day for you, you may want to save a glass or glasses beside your outfit. You can serve your guests at your Halloween party. Consider anything from pumpkin pie shots to fruit options like the pineapple shot. Hallow’s day is usually a day of color, and, fortunately, you will not run out of colorful shot options. We promise they may forget your outfit, but not the dessert shot!

  • Office Party

After a whole year of receiving scolds and turning up even on your worst days to work, you need something above the ordinary delight to truly put it all behind. Well, a dessert shot couldn’t be more perfect. You can usher in the holiday in style with great vibes from cherries at the bottom of every glass.

  • Christmas

These shots have everyone covered, from pure sweetness to a taste of both salt and sugar in one. They can be made further special to suit your family and friends with customized flavors like walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, and more. Besides, you decide what you’d like between the lighter options that mimic milkshakes to sweet and heavy ice cream.

Who wants to mix and pour into the glasses when the party just got started? Not even us unless we are serving you, of course. With a tray of cookies besides dessert shots in Miami, what more can you ask for? Are you looking for more party ideas in Miami? Pastry is Art can handle all your dessert needs and offer more tips to keep people talking. Speak with our courteous staff for your next party or celebration plans. We always do it grand for our clients!


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