When searching for ‘dessert shops near me,’ you’ll find that Pastry Is Art Company is one of the best. They offer the most perfect desserts, not to mention the latest in the dessert world in 2022.

Most ‘cake shops near me’ are working on establishing an excellent dessert menu for their clients. These are the ultimate sweet tooth delights.


Lunch Box Desserts

We anticipate that by 2022, cupcakes will be replaced by miniature cakes. These adorable single-serving lunch box cakes are perfect for potlucks, picnics, and parties.

In addition, they are ideal for practicing new piping methods for most ‘delicious desserts shops.’

Such mini desserts are perfect when you have a sweet tooth and are easy enough for newbie ‘cake shops nearby.’

Plus, they are tiny enough for even the youngest children to decorate!


Milky Pastels And Rainbows Desserts

This sprinkles assortment is ideal for adding texture and color to your desserts. It has six distinct colors and shapes of varying sizes.

You can get a delicate, pastel effect by tinting your buttercream with a pastel gel food coloring set.

You may get a rainbow look by putting all four colors in one decorating bag with a big piping tip, such as a 1M or 2D. Then you can use the decorating bag to pipe dots, rosettes, and swirls.


Realistic Florals Desserts 

Realistic flower buttercream cakes are a great way to customize your deserts.

It’s hard to imagine a better way to celebrate a 2022 birthday or special occasion than these lovely floral cakes.

In the event of a modest bridal shower or birthday celebration, this two-tier gladiola dessert will be excellent.

This is what you are likely to find in your delicious dessert shops such as Pastry Is Art in 2022.

There are edible gladiolas that seem realistic and are decorated with a single plant stem that runs across both cake levels.


Animal Prints Desserts

In 2022, leopard, cheetah, and dalmatian pattern pastries will be a source of inspiration for most cake shops.

The vintage multicolor animal print sheet dessert is sure to thrill individuals fascinated with the pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s.


Knife Palette Painting Desserts

With this creative and abstract cake decorating method, the cake becomes adorable.

This trendy cake decorating concept includes creating designs on your cake with the tip of an angled spatula or a palette knife.

Swaps of color can be created by shops by simply “painting” buttercream on the desserts with an angled spatula.


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