Ever set your eyes on a stunning cake and wanted to meet the baker in person? Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, or any other event, one of the first thoughts on our minds is: who will bake the cake? A lot of details go into baking a cake. While the flavor is essential, the design and color are also crucial.

At Pastry is Art, whenever you think of slicing into a cake, our ovens are known for making thousands of delicious custom cakes. Each of our creations is the works of our pastry genius, Chef Jenny Rissone.


What are the factors to consider as you establish your ideal cake?


Do you have a design in mind? If you do, that’s a great place to start! If not, don’t wait till you have two days left before finding a suitable baker. Take time to brainstorm even weeks before the event, even months earlier if possible. Think about the color, theme, style, and decorations in detail.

Having as many ideas as possible is excellent! But for specialty cakes, several decorations and theme ideas may not work well for one cake. It may result in overcrowding of designs, and the result may be very unpleasant.


Your Guest List

Your custom cake should impress you, no doubt! Conversely, your guests’ likes and dislikes may be something to consider. For instance, if it’s your kid’s birthday, you can’t include horror themes, but for an all-adult gathering, that’s welcome! Instead, animation characters should do the trick for kids.

But again, it’s your day and if you can’t enjoy your cake, who will? Plus, there are different guests, and all of them have varying preferences, so do not stress too much!


Your Theme

For the best custom cakes, you have to point out the theme. If you love some action on the football field, then you have your theme: a football-themed cake. Once your local baker knows the theme, you will likely get what you pictured in mind!

While you wish your baker would create the one thing that will impress you, some themes may not be realistic for custom cakes. Besides, once baked, the site may be different from what you were looking forward to.



Choosing your cake’s flavor for a birthday celebration may be effortless. But that is not the case with significant events. To be safe, always have a taste. There are timeless household flavors, and there’s always a new flavor you haven’t tasted every time. The excellent news is bakeries offer tasting sessions, especially for big events. Vanilla, chocolate, and marble cakes are conventional tastes in the bakery world, but if you like them, why not?

For the best custom cakes, you can top it up with flavored fillings. Custom cakes provide an opportunity for unique combinations, with the advice of your baker, of course!


Contact Us

At Pastry is Art, our best custom cakes speak for us. From custom cakes to desserts, we do not do ordinary. Do you have a complicated design in mind? Or wish for the best flavor for a special event?

Visit our bakery cafe in Miami to discover a whole new world of desserts and cakes you never thought existed. Our doors are open from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm. You could also call or email at info@pastryisart.com or fill a form on our website to get started!

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