There should be a cake for every special occasion. Everybody loves cakes, which is why it’s such an essential part of any celebration! Buying a cake for somebody will show that the person is truly special to you. No matter if it’s a wedding anniversary, success party, friendly gathering, or farewell party, cakes can make any situation more memorable. The specialness of cakes has been taken to the next level with the emergence of designer cakes. Hiring a cake designer to make a cake can make a special event stand  out even more! Pastry Is Art is a top cake designer. If you’re looking for “desserts near me” in Miami, call Pastry Is Art today!


Why You Should Hire A Cake Designer


When you hire a designer to make your cake, it adds that extra little oomph to the occasion. Here are some of the many reasons you may want to hire a designer to make your cake:

  • Make your loved one feel special- Everybody likes to be treated like they’re special. Everybody is special to somebody in their lives, from their parents, close friends, or family. Some feelings just can’t be expressed adequately in words. When you purchase a unique, personalized theme cake, you show the person you’re giving it to just how special they are. For example, if your parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary, you can order a customized anniversary cake with a sweet thank-you message, they will be extremely excited. 
  • Express  your feelings to loved ones- If you’re looking to begin a new relationship with a romantic interest, or to propose marriage to your girlfriend, then a designer cake is just the right thing to help you. While many people prefer expensive gifts, expensive gifts may not convey the thought properly. Designer cakes with a memorable photo of you guys printed on it will truly convey your effort, and know how much  you care about them. Having a beautiful designer cake will help express your feelings without you having to utter a single word.


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  • Express your creativity- Remembering some of the likes, hobbies, and incidents of the person you are gifting a cake to will show your creativity and let them know how much they mean to you! You can tell the designer everything unique about the person you are gifting the cake to so that they can design a unique, creative cake to surprise them with. If your best friend plays basketball, for example, then you can present him with a basketball-shaped designer cake! This will make him very happy and know the thoughtfulness behind the gift. This can’t be replicated with a generic present!


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Hiring a cake designer to design a cake for a special event or for a special person in your life is a great way to express your love and creativity. By putting thought into your present, you are able to present the people you care about with an occasion that they will remember forever. Pastry Is Art is a top dessert store in the Miami area. If you’re looking for “desserts near me,” call Pastry Is Art today!


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