When Rissone’s North Miami bakery business was slow one day last October, she answered a casting call from TLC’s Cake Boss. One week later, Buddy Valastro and his team were there to help her create the perfect cake! Now Pastry is Art will take center stage on Tuesday at 7 pm as they help make some of their signature cakes in the new series “Buddy’s Bakery Rescue.” “It all started when I had an open house event scheduled that Saturday but nobody showed up. So with nothing else planned yet, I got bored and decided to answer a casting call,” says 34-year old Florida resident Jenny Rissone. Read on to learn about how Pastry is Art got more publicity from the TLC’s cake boss visit.

The Cake Boss Helped With Business Exposure

Having already opened her bakery four years ago, Rissone knew that she needed to find a way to get more exposure for the business. Then Buddy Valastro came into town and helped with precisely what she needed! Setting up a meeting with the Cake Boss, Rissone could get exposure for her small bakery that she couldn’t have done herself.

More About Chef Jenny Rissone

An accomplished pastry chef with experience in Lima, Peru, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami Beach has continued to thrive. Chef Rissone’s specialty is taking a delicate cake from conception to completion for 1,000 people or more. She currently employs close to 20 employees between her two “cake shops near me.”

Rissone has learned that it is essential for managers and bosses to speak up about their problems without being confrontational. Still, at the same time, she admits that sometimes it can be hard when there are a lot of personalities in one place.

It’s sometimes tough to lead a group at work, Rissone says. “There are so many personalities and styles.” She learned early on what it means for managers or bosses to speak up about their problems without being confrontational.

What Makes Pastry Is Art Special?

The best cakes in the world are right around the corner! If you’re looking for the best “cake shops near me” that specialize in delicious and decadent desserts, then look no further than Pastry is Art. We offer an array of flavors from our famous red velvet cake to chocolate cream pie with a layer-cake option or yellow buttercream icing on vanilla sponge cake – we have it all! You’ll never go wrong when ordering one of these sweet treats; they taste just as good as they sound. 

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Pastry chefs are artists. Cake boss knows how to create the perfect balance of flavors, textures, colors, and shapes to produce an edible masterpiece that will please any palate. If you want a pastry chef or “cake shops near me” with impeccable taste, skill, and creativity on your team for your next event or party, we can help! Contact us today at Pastry is Art in Miami for more information about our delicious desserts made from scratch by local artisans who work hard every day creating beautiful dishes worthy of being called “art.”

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