Hey! After a year plus of Covid don’ts and do’s, we are yearning for a breath of fresh air with no masks on sight. For now, we can smile as restaurants are back to serve you your favorite delicacies, and not just for dinner, but new brunch menus will knock you out on the weekend.

If you are picturing a get-together with a brunch buffet, sorry, but that won’t be happening.

If you are searching for “brunch near me” in Miami, Pastry is Art is the go-to restaurant for the best brunch menu, specialty cakes, plated desserts, and much more!


Searching for brunch near me? Look no further.

While your fork can’t get over our specialty cakes Miami, our brunch menus are just as good. They are not only unique but an offering from Chef Jenny Rissone herself. If you happen to have a taste, you would know what I am talking about.

  • Try the Italian brunch

If you seek the Italian brunch fare, our avocado toasts are something to look forward to for a more breakfast-like meal, with highlights like lasagna Bolognese, bruschetta, bacon, and potato frittata, Bellini, and much more! If that doesn’t seem viable, you could try the limoncello French toast; I bet you will fall in love. Mimosas and Aperol spritz is ideal for those who want to wine and dine.

  • How about a Dessert brunch?

Are you a chocolate person? Then Nutella on chocolate chip pancakes sounds like heaven to you. As a bakery café, our sweet offerings are nothing next to ordinary when it comes to brunch. Your cheese pancake and French toast with your favorite flavored cake or brownie await you. If sugar doesn’t cut it, the egg sandwich, chilaquiles, or ribs will!

  • The meat brunch

Suppose it feels like ages since you had a taste of meat or have been trying to go healthy with all-exclusive vegetarian meals; welcome to what is tasty to the mouth! However, it doesn’t include carbs or fruit cocktails. You will thank us for our fried chicken sandwiches, waffles, and benedicts.

  • Hangover brunch

Is your hangover feeling not prepared for a heavy bite? Our tasty and light features are in plenty, from watermelon salads, carbs to bacon grease. Besides, the last two varieties have served as hangover treatments since who knows when!

  • Healthy brunch

How about a veggie egg? If you wish for a calorie-considerate brunch, we have got you covered. We offer the tastes you yearn for but in manageable bits to get you away from your routine in a more responsible manner. On the side are smoothies, juices, and wine if you like. One thing is for certain; you have a long list to explore.

If you search for the best brunch in Miami Beach you will be spoilt for choice at Pastry is Art. There is a first time for everything, and if brunch is for you, we have the best combinations of lunch and breakfast items. They never said it, but a good week starts with a good vibe from our brunch menu!

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